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03/2024 - San Costanzo (PU)


To curate beauty, imagination and dialogue, in March 2024 the people who live in San Costanzo and around the world shared a poem. After the collection Annex Cultura exhibited them in many unusual situations. The 88 contributions were found on the walls of the houses, at the bus stops, in the shop windows, on the closed doors, in the doctor's waiting room, in the bar and in all the shops of the village, from Cerasa to the middle street.
NB: For Annex Cultura this idea is thought of as open source. The association is happy if it is copied and implemented in other places.
#poesiadiffusa was part of the 50x50 of Pesaro 2024, Italian capital of culture from 18 to 24 March 2024 in San Costanzo.

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San Costanzo (PU)

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La linea arancione rappresenta il dialogo, ma sottolinea anche il legame di Annex C con il mare e con il mondo delle immersioni.
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