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09/2025 - Adriatic Coast, Province of Pesaro-Urbino, Italy



One of the most topical questions of our time is: How can we combine different realities to bring about constructive dialogue and develop collaborative thinking? A plant does not ask this question. It just does and adapts to the situations. Therefore, How can humans learn from plant societies? That is the topic we are working on.

ResidenzaLAB aims to organise dialogues on the theme and leave poetic traces in the region. A group of six artists find themselves on the coast for ten days each September. They read, work and interact with people in the area. The main aim of the residency is to create opportunities to investigate values, meanings and actions.

ResidenzaLAB is a collaborative, artistic research we will document as open source and available to a broad public. The project is planned as a three-year cycle. The first edition will take place in September 2025. Over these three years, artists from different disciplines will grow with the theme, while each will also advance their work.

Application Deadline

Form online 06/2024 – 08/2024


TBC Adriatic Coast, Pesaro-Urbino

Info & Reservations

La linea arancione rappresenta il dialogo, ma sottolinea anche il legame di Annex C con il mare e con il mondo delle immersioni.
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