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08/2024 - San Costanzo (PU)



Take raw materials: tomatoes of zero kilometres, shade, fire, sun, wind from the sea, hands and the exchange of ideas.
The production of tomato preserves is an annual event where people come together to preserve the red gold in a very natural and circular way. The joint work takes place in the shade of the "casa vecchia", a farmhouse typical of the region in the hills of San Costanzo. The view is of the Adriatic Sea. The tomatoes come from the fields of the Rossi farmers. Participants bring their own jars or buy them in advance at Ivana's shop. The tradition of preserving tomatoes has been practised here again since 2005. Skilled and less skilled hands wash the tomatoes and cut them into pieces. They first put them into jars and then the jars into the old barrels that stand on a metal holder. The jars are cooked over the fire with the water used to clean the tomatoes. The fire is lit with the wood collected around the house during the year. Once the water boils, the seals of the jars close and the tomatoes are preserved.

Application Deadline

Form online 01/05 – 31/05/2024


Strada degli Olmi 24
San Costanzo, Fano (PU)

Info & Reservations

La linea arancione rappresenta il dialogo, ma sottolinea anche il legame di Annex C con il mare e con il mondo delle immersioni.
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