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Anywhere - on the beach



Premise/Promise: Clean up the beach

1. Walk along the beach when it is almost empty, for example, in winter.
2. Do you see things human hands have lost, left lying around or thrown away? Observe.
Group the things you observe that need to be disposed of (examples: plastic, tyres, glass, cans).
4. Do not think of creating a work of art. The sole purpose of the walk is to collect and dispose of unnatural things or to return them to their original use.
5. You can do the walk alone or in a group. Bring collection bags.
6. Decide on a route that you will inspect repeatedly for the collection walk.
7. Set a period in your calendar and determine the repetitions of your walk.
8. Define - if you wish - why you chose this route.
9. Define what you will collect each time (examples: plastic, tyres, glass, cans). You can divide things in a group so everyone has their own task. To reverse the usual way of competing, it could be fun if those who collect more than the others lose and those who collect less win.
10. Take pictures of all the collected pieces, but not of yourself collecting the pieces.
11. Take all the collected pieces and take them to the appropriate containers or, if the pieces are intact, give them to someone who can use them without asking for anything. Example: Pieces like complete sand moulds could be distributed to children next summer.
12. Post the pictures on social media, on your blog or show them to at least one person. Say or write what you want, but include the sentence "we (or I) cleaned up part of the beach between X and Y".

Application Deadline


Anywhere - on the beach

Info & Reservations

La linea arancione rappresenta il dialogo, ma sottolinea anche il legame di Annex C con il mare e con il mondo delle immersioni.
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